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Master of Arts in Education



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Barbara M. Flores


This project’s goal is to promote and improve the mathematical literacy of fourth-grade Hispanic/Latino and English learners through the use of a graphic mathematical mediated structure. Current California Common Core data finds fourth-grade Hispanic/Latino and English learners significantly behind White and Asian students in mathematics, especially in understanding written word problems.

Research supports the assumption that as a tool, a graphic mathematical mediated structure could: 1) foster conceptual understanding; 2) build content terminology; 3) allow students opportunities to justify their solutions; 4) integrate writing in math; and 5) provide a platform for discourse. This innovative pedagogical project specifically focused on how fourth-grade Hispanic/Latino and English learners could navigate through a graphic math organizer in order to understand how to add and subtract fractions in word problems.

The work presents six teacher models of graphic mathematical mediated structures. Each model provides a fourth-grade word problem related to fractions. Respectively, teacher and student templates, lists of content vocabulary, and suggestions to teach each problem-solving exercise using the graphic mathematical mediated structures that were created and developed are included.

Struggling Hispanic/Latino and English learners’ need a pedagogical structure and process to succeed in solving math word problems. Hence, the need for a graphic mathematical mediated structure to diminish the groups’ prevalent mathematical achievement gap and to increase their achievement in mathematics.