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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies



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Long, Thomas


The Malki Museum Tribal Special Library and Archives project is an on-site repository created in order to provide access to information regarding tribal culture and heritage to local tribal members and researchers. The project filled the need for a space dedicated to material related to the history of local Southern California Native American tribes and information regarding the topics of Archaeology, Anthropology and History. The collection includes: books, manuscripts, documents, audio/visual media, and photographs. Bringing together multimedia sources, the Special Tribal Library allows for the preservation and accessibility of these items through cataloging and digitizing the collection. This method allows for the collection to be available to the public while being able to preserve its integrity through limited handling. In order to facilitate the establishment of the Special Library and Archive, the Malki Museum Special Tribal Library and Archives project teamed up with the Malki Museum’s Director, as well as the Malki Museum’s Tribal Board of Directors. Several weeks of organization, assessment, and collaboration helped prepare the Special Library first for user-friendliness. The final product is the Malki Museum Tribal Special Library which provides tribal members and scholars alike a locality where research can be undertaken and acquired. The Malki Museum Tribal Special Library project helps bring important data within reach to its local community.