Date of Award


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Master of Science in Psychology



First Reader/Committee Chair

Diaz, Ismael


This research examined if differences in social categories between two groups, natural—born U.S. citizens and undocumented immigrants with deferred action (DACA) led to differences in self-perceptions at work in areas such as Occupational Self-Efficacy (OSE), Organization Based Self-Esteem (OBSE), and Perceived Employability (PE). Additionally, the effect of Perceived Supervisor Similarity (PSS) on these relationships was also observed. Results showed significant differences only in PE with the DACA group having an unexpectedly higher level than the citizen group. The model was supported as OSE, OBSE, and PSS all significantly predicted PSS in both groups. Lastly, interaction effects were only found in the citizen group with PSS moderating the relationship between OSE and OBSE predicting PE. Specifically, PSS affected levels of PE at high levels of OSE and at low levels of OBSE. Lastly, I explored how temporal self-appraisals may have lead the DACA group to be less of an out-group along with additional implications to this field of research with this population.