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Master of Science in Computer Science


Social Sciences

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Dr. Tong Lai Yu


Indoor Positioning System (IPS) focuses on locating objects inside

Buildings. Till date, GPS has helped us obtain accurate locations outdoors. These locations have helped us in many ways like navigating to a destination point, tracking people etc. Indoor Positioning System aims at navigating and tracking objects inside buildings. [1] IndoorAtlas is a technology that works on the theory of Indoor Positioning System. Book-Hunt is an Android mobile application which majorly makes use of IndoorAtlas therefore making use of the technique of indoor tracking. This Android mobile application is designed for Libraries. It is designed specifically for John M. Pfau Library, CSUSB, to help the students locate a book in the Library. When a student selects a book, a marker is pointed towards the book and also on the student’s current location. This application aims at saving time for student searching a particular book in the Library. Book- Hunt makes use of three tools Android Studio, Google Maps and IndoorAtlas