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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando


This study’s purpose is to shed some light on providers perspective of Hispanics with mental health issues experience, explore providers experience, Hispanics reason for terminating treatment and review providers recommendation to maintain Hispanic individuals and families in treatment. Other studies have established that Hispanics disproportionately underutilize mental health services in comparison to other population. Assuming Hispanics continue to grow and maintain the majority minority in the region of focus in Southern California where the study was conducted, then the finding in this study may serve to improve both Hispanics access to services and agencies and providers improving services to this population. Furthermore, the study can be utilized by other interns, social worker and professionals alike as a form of an in-service on Hispanics perspective of mental health and how to overcome some of the barriers when servicing this population. This qualitative study used individual interviews as a resource to shed some light on themes from the perspective of a variety of mental health providers. Individual interviews were audio recorded via a digital recorder then transcribed to a Word file. A variety of themes on the subject matter emerged from participants responses.

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