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Master of Social Work


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Chang Janet


The purpose of this study was to explore the various challenges and needs single Latino fathers faced in different areas such as the parent-child relationship, personal, physical, mental, and the financial aspect. It also explored the father’s perspectives and needs of formal and informal systems. This study used qualitative design using face -to- face interviews. This study found that single Hispanic fathers had a really good relationship with their children despite cultural factors that would enable them to have a challenging relationship such as the lack of acculturation, machismo, and the different fatherhood values between Hispanic and American culture. Another major theme that came up was the use of family support and the need for more formal support from local and state agencies and organizations. This study will help social workers and other professionals learn and understand the needs and challenges single Hispanic fathers face which will help social workers be competent to work with this specific population. It is recommended that more formal support such as access to counseling centers, support groups, and father-child community activities are needed to support and sustain Latino single fathers.

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