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Master of Social Work


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Erica L. Lizano


This study focuses on burnout among bilingual Social Service Providers (BSSPs) and examines their thoughts and beliefs on the interconnection of their bilingual/bicultural skills and higher risk of burnout. The findings from this study have significant ramifications for the social service field on both Macro and Micro levels. At a Micro scale, the data validates the additional responsibilities of BSSP’s, while bringing more awareness to this group of professionals. Additional findings contribute to new policies regarding BSSPs job responsibilities; for example, accurate job descriptions and training for positions that require translation and interpretation. An exploratory study using qualitative data was utilized in order to best address the issue at hand. In order to appropriately analyze the data collected, the researcher examined the data collected through thematic analysis. Several themes emerged which include: proficiency, length of service, Spanish speaking caseload percentage, familiarity and knowledge of burnout, burnout experience, emotional overextension, impersonal response towards clients, decreased feelings of competence/successful achievement, and more effort when providing services in Spanish. subthemes include: burnout experience, attitude towards caseload and length of service and burnout.