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Master of Science in Computer Science


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David Turner


Very often when we are looking to buy new IT equipment in an online store, we face the problem that certain parts of our order are not compatible with others or sometimes one part needs additional components. From another point of view in this process, when an online store owner wants to manage the products available in stock, assign prices, set conditions to make an order, or manage customer information, he or she must often rely on information from different systems, physical files, or other sources.

EpicConfigurator simplifies and solves the issues mentioned above. EpicConfigurator makes it easy for User Customers to configure computer products by making the process of product selection more straightforward. It can actively gather customer requirements and map them to a set of products and service options. These capabilities will guide users towards an optimal solution for their needs.

EpicConfigurator also allows User Customers to keep track and edit saved product configurations. This system also includes a user administrator perspective that allows Store Owners to act as User Admins helping them to manage and load new products, set configuration rules for products and manage all users.

Following open source technologies, EpicConfigurator is an application easy to enhance, expand and integrate with newer technologies.

This is a configurator tool and does not provide any purchasing feature. To purchase, the configuration results should be provided to the local reseller or sales representative to get an official quote.