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Master of Social Work


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Carolyn McAllister


In 2016, University X was awarded a grant to pilot Project Rebound. Project Rebound assist people who are formerly incarcerated navigate the admissions process and graduate from University X with bachelors or master’s degrees. The purpose of this research is to investigate the difficulty that the formerly incarcerated face when assimilating into a new environment far removed from the confines of prison. The current study will answer the questions: what does an effective reentry program look like at University X, and what interventions are most correlated with success? University X’s Project Rebound uses risk assessment instruments and focuses on behavioral outcomes. Using self-administered anonymous surveys, we will identify which interventions or programs are needed to develop a successful college reentry program for formerly incarcerated individuals. Our students require multiple services, which suggests a need for collaboration across other campus programs and county agencies.

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