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Master of Social Work


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Armando Barragan


Bereavement is an experience that most people will encounter multiple times across their lifetime. Some people who experience grief are going to seek support in this process from a therapist. The NASW Code of Ethics suggests that social workers only practice in fields in which they are competent. This study will look at the self-perceived grief competency of master’s level therapists. Demographic data and a survey designed to measure the competency of a master’s level therapist was utilized to collect data to measure the self-perceived grief competency. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics, one-way between groups ANOVA, and correlation analysis. The results of this study were mixed. Overall, there was no significant difference between MSWs, MFT and other therapists in their grief experience. However, among other significant findings, years in the field is associated with higher levels of training and experience. Further research will be needed to better assess for preparedness. However, findings suggest the importance of training social workers to adequately meet the needs of grieving individuals in lieu of years of experience.

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