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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando



The educational success of African American males is negatively affected when they are raised in a single parent household that is headed by their African American mother. African American males are more prone to becoming substance abusers, incarcerated, school dropouts, or perpetuating the same cycle of creating other fatherless homes. This study was sought to examine the similarities associated the educational success African American men and the impact that their single mothers had on their success.

Information was gathered by interviewing ten African American males who have obtained a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, were in a management position and were raised by a single mother. This qualitative research method enabled the researcher to learn what factors the single mothers contributed to the educational success of their sons.

Each participant in this study offered personal information on the role(s) their mother played in their education. The roles discussed included being a strict disciplinarian, stressing the importance of education, and being an example as it relates to hard work and returning to school to obtain a college degree. This study proves that African American males who are raised in a single parent household can be educationally successful with the constant involvement, guidance, and support of their mother.