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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Lizano, Erica


Common diagnoses have greater emphasis in the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program, yet there is an oversight on other disorders that are just as important to address, such as Reactive Attachment Disorders (RAD). Although researchers have determined a need for additional training and education on RAD, none have measured MSW students’ level of knowledge on RAD and whether or not it influences their perceived preparedness. The purpose of this study was to analyze the perceived preparedness of MSW students to serve children with RAD before and after participating in an educational training. The study consisted of an explanatory quantitative design using pre/post self-administered surveys and an educational training on RAD. Findings determined that participating in the RAD Training significantly increased MSW students’ knowledge and perceived preparedness to serve children with RAD. The study’s findings may influence MSW administration to recognize the significance of implementing additional training on rare disorders.