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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie


The purpose of this research was to explore the gender differences in caregiver burden in Alzheimer’s patients in the Inland Empire. Currently, there are more than half a million Californians who live with Alzheimer’s disease (Ross, Brennan, Nazareno, & Fox, 2009) and this number is expected to double over the next few years. Due to an increase in the older population and the rise of informal caregivers, the study provided insight as to how males and females perceive caregiver burden and how each gender responds to caregiver burden. This exploratory study utilized a quantitative research design through the use of questionnaires which measured caregiver burden through the use of the Zarit Burden Interview. A total of 38 participants were recruited through support groups at the Inland Caregiver Resource Center. Though findings did not suggest a gender difference in caregiver burden, they did indicate that there was a relationship between ethnicity and gender in relation to the caregiver and care receiver relationship. Implications for social work practice include assessment for and aid in the development of gender appropriate resources for informal caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.

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