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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet


As older adults live longer, demand for supportive care will increase. Older adults will need a form of long-term care to manage their health and quality of life. As older adults age, they’re susceptible to having one or more chronic conditions. In taking measures to manage the chronic conditions of many older adults, in-home supportive services is a supportive program that provides non-medical personal and instrumental services to help older adults with their activities of daily living. An in-home supportive service allows an older adult to receive assistance and remain comfortably living in his or her home. However, an older adult of low-income status may not receive this information on supportive services.

Therefore, this study was designed to assess the level of awareness low-income older adults have on in-home supportive services. This research design was quantitative focusing on measuring the level of awareness among low-income older adults. A survey instrument was created and given to older adults at a senior center of the County of San Bernardino. IBM SPSS Manual on Windows Software was used to input and analyze data. The findings of the study found a low level of awareness of the program called In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and participants understanding of in-home supportive services was unclear. This study provides recommendations for social workers to address the barriers of low-income older adults acquiring information on in-home supportive services.

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