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Master of Social Work


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Chang Janet


The main objective of this study was to determine which coping mechanisms have a higher impact on levels of stress in MSW graduate students. The distinctive aspect of this study was that the three primary points that were examined in MSW graduate students were spirituality, physical activity, and self-compassion. This study gathered quantitative data from students that were enrolled in the Master of Social Work program. There were a total of 102 participants in this study. A variety of bivariate analyses were conducted to assess the collected data. Significant outcomes from this study revealed that self-compassion was the best mitigator of stress levels. Spirituality was also found to be helpful in mitigating stress levels. Recommendations included the promotion of self-compassion in MSW graduate programs, along with agencies that provide additional training on self-compassion. Another important recommendation was for future studies to include date from other universities with MSW programs in order to expand and enrich the data.

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