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Master of Social Work


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Erica Lizano


Substance use and substance use disorders continue to impact the health and safety of people across the United States. A population in which substance use and substance use disorders tend to be the highest being with college-age populations. In response to this growing public health concern, Recovery Support Services (RSS) are being implemented across colleges and universities nationwide. With each college or university being diverse based on its location, size, and demographics RSS resources do not look the same as they spread from campus to campus. This research project analyzed the current resources, how they are implemented, and how they correspond to the student population at a midsized public university located in Southern California. Utilizing a focus group and several structured interviews a survey design was assembled. The participants interviewed were asked a series of questions based on possible personal and departmental service viewpoints of pre-existing services as well as the quality of said services. Additionally, participants were asked about services not offered, as well as any issues that are not currently being addressed, and were asked to give feedback about each topic. Qualitative data were transcribed, analyzed, and coded using Microsoft Word as the coding software. Surveys were created and distributed via email, IBM SPSS was used for the statistical analysis, and results were compiled and recorded, with the study being reported to the campus Health Center for possible future program creation.

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