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Master of Social Work


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Lanesskog, Deirdre


Undocumented immigrants have historically been excluded from the medical care system. This study explored the attitudes and experiences of undocumented Latino immigrants when seeking medical services in the San Bernardino County. It aimed to share the stories of undocumented immigrants that often go untold and provide valuable insight into the needs and concerns of this population. The exploratory study utilized a qualitative approach through interviews. Data was collected through in person and over the phone interviews, which were then transcribed and analyzed using a constant comparative method. The findings of this study identified barriers and challenges faced by undocumented immigrants including a lack of equal access to healthcare, a lack of knowledge in navigating the healthcare system, stigma and discrimination, language, finances, culture, and fear. Both negative and positive experiences were shared, along with advice provided by participants for undocumented immigrants. This study carried important implications for medical professionals, agencies, and policy makers to better address the needs and concerns of undocumented patients. Research recommendations included implementing programs based off this study’s findings and exploring the attitudes and experiences of this population when seeking mental health services. Further research is encouraged to work towards dismantling the barriers faced by the undocumented immigrant population.

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