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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

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Randell Wright



Unfortunately, little or no time is spent on transitioning inmates back into society, especially those with physical and mental disabilities. One support service that is being taken into consideration is the Day Reporting Center. Day Reporting Centers are highly structured nonresidential programs. Parolees report to the center on a daily basis, submit to drug tests, and are enrolled in various counseling, education, or vocational classes. Whereas most centers have strict monitoring and surveillance of parolees, one center that stands out in its alternative approach of self-governance is the San Bernardino Day Reporting Center in San Bernardino, California. There, the parolees are allowed to contribute to the running and governance of the Center.

The hypothesis asserts that the positive culture that surrounds the Center provides parolees the opportunity to reconsider, revise, challenge, and change their negative criminal identities, by viewing themselves in a constructive manner to successfully transition back into society. Eight assumptions were used to either support or nullify the hypothesis: spheres of civility; performative spaces; personal social space; weaving theory; opportunity theory; transformation theory; Freirian pedagogical approach; and pelindaba. The data was gathered using multiple sources, such as several interviews with staff and ex-parolees, and observations of daily procedures and classroom instruction and interaction. NVivo 8, a Qualitative Data Analysis software program (QDA), was used to transcribe, code, and organize the interviews into various themes. The comments by staff and parolees demonstrated that the implementation of these assumptions has resulted in a family like environment. This environment has allowed parolees to focus on their identity in a positive, transformative, and rehabilitative manner that is supported by everyone at the Center.