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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Murphy, Owen. J.


Custom T-shirt Designs is a web-based application. The purpose of this project is to provide a website that would allow customers to be able to customize T-shirt and place an order of custom T-shirt. Customers can sign up, sign in, select T-shirt color, add text, choose Font, choose Font color, upload an image, apply filters to images, transform text or images, choose T-shirt size and save designs for future references. Customers would be able to add the design to a cart, manage cart and checkout with their credit card to purchase for the order and view their previous orders. The project focuses on object-oriented programming paradigm using PHP framework Laravel along with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Bootstrap and jQuery. Custom T-shirt Designs application uses Model-view-controller architecture. Stripe API is used to handle the credit card payments tokens providing a secure way for customers to purchase a T-shirt. Google SMTP is used to send confirmation of purchase order to administrator and customer. The project implements AJAX technology to send and receive parts of data from the server asynchronously making Custom T-shirt Designs a fast and efficient real-time web application.