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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Dr. Haiyan Qiao


In recent years, mobile devices have played a significant role in daily life. As a result, Mobile Applications have become very popular. An increasing number of people are using mobile applications to handle an increasing number of personal tasks, as well as for amusement. To date, there are thousands of mobile applications available for a variety of purposes. However, there are very few specifically designed for local church use. Mobile applications are potentially more convenient and easier to operate than normal website for parishioners.

Designing and implementing a mobile application for Crest Community Church, in Riverside, based on Android Developer Tools (ADT) and Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) is this project’s primary objective. The objective of this project is to provide a communications platform where members of Crest Community Church can share news, discuss coming church events, promote and enhance the connectivity of this worship community, and provide mobile access to information not available on their present systems.

A distinct feature of this project allows for communication between mobile application and webserver by creating a HTTP URL Connection. As a result, church members can publish news and events in a discussion forum as well as a dialog with other church members in a near real time format. The Crest users can also indicate that posted prayer request has been prayed for. In addition, this new application displays general church information, and provides the address and driving direction for potential visitors. Church members can also check the church’s calendar of events, special meetings and information about the Passion Center for Children ministry. This project has the ability to store and track pertinent information about each user, the content of all discussions, and retains member’s key contact data.

This project successfully implemented a church mobile application. It demonstrated that a tailored mobile application can enhance the sense of community via internet for this congregation. It feather shows that mobile applications can greatly assist churches in community with members as well as visitors. The application also expanded the internet footprint of Crest Community Church, and offers other churches an avenue to improve their connectivity for the future.