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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Erica Lizano


The purpose of this study is to explore and identify the attitudes and perceptions of faculty, staff and administrators within a California community college system on what promotes academic success for former foster youth enrolled in courses at that college campus. Participants for this study were contacted via the college’s email list serve in which they were asked for consent to participate in the study’s electronic survey.

A total of 41 respondents participated in the study and provided responses to the self-administered questionnaire that was sent campus wide to the college’s faculty, staff and administrators. This research study was conducted in support of the college’s Guardian Scholars (GS) program and was aimed at identifying ways in which the campus community supports former foster youth students in navigating the college pathway process. The outcomes of this study highlighted respondents top two most identified factors that promote academic success for former foster youth based upon order of importance. Survey respondent of this research study ranked access to stable housing the number one most important factor followed by financial aid as the second most important factor to the academic success for former foster youth enrolled in college courses in the California Community College system.

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