Date of Award


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Master of Science in Biology



First Reader/Committee Chair

Anthony Metcalf, Ph.D.


In this study, I sequenced the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene to elucidate the extent and pattern of genetic variations among and within populations of Rhinichthys osculus (Santa Ana Speckled Dace) found in the different watersheds in Southern California, Central California Coast and Eastern California Desert. I described and analyzed the structural characteristics and pattern of base sequence substitutions in the cytochrome b gene to understand the molecular evolution of the gene. The Phylogenetic analyses showed that the Southern California Santa Ana Speckled dace is a distinct population from the Central California Coast dace population and Eastern California Desert dace population, and is more closely related to the Colorado River speckled dace population. There is a high degree of genetic variation among all populations including a significant genetic structure associated with watersheds, mountain ranges, and geographic grouping based on locations. The SWISS-Model automated protein structure homology elucidated the conserved and invariant residues within the cytochrome b gene where the amino acid substitutions are located in the trans-membrane of the protein sequence. The implication for conservation and management of the Southern California Santa Ana Speckled dace is high because of habitat lost for this distinct dace population. The data from this study will contribute to preserving the genetic variability of the Santa Ana Speckled Dace as a separate taxa and species, as well as to help maintain intact the population in the different Southern California creeks.