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Master of Social Work


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Rosemary McCaslin


The current study sought to determine the utilization and effectiveness of art therapy with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, as perceived by mental health professionals. A total of 33 participants consisting of marriage and family therapists, masters of social work level clinicians and one doctorate level were surveyed. A self-constructed survey, created by the researcher was distributed to the participants. Results demonstrate that about one third of participants perceived art therapy to be moderately effective in reducing male and female issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse. No significant results were found when comparing the effectiveness of art therapy on males versus females. The study also shows that art therapy is under-utilized. The current study is limited by a small sample size, as well as little experience with art therapy utilization. This study contributes to social work knowledge by providing an awareness of art therapy treatment utilization with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Future research regarding art therapy should consider mental health practitioners’ lack of knowledge and possible under-utilization of art therapy in order to determine its true effectiveness

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