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Master of Social Work


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Zoila Gordon


The purpose of this project is to gather an understanding of binge eating disorder and effective treatment approaches used for the reduction of binge eating symptoms for adult females. The research focus of this study will be, what are the attitudes and perspectives of binge eating disorder treatments for adult females among students who are in a masters of social work field or study. This research project utilized a post-positivist paradigm where data was gathered qualitatively through the implementation of interviews with MSW students of diverse ethnic backgrounds (e.g. Hispanics, whites, and blacks, professional and personal experiences) from California State University of San Bernardino. The researcher utilized literature review to prepare for the study execution, and participants were provided with an inform consent and debriefing statement. The researcher prepared questions, and audio recorded, transcribe, and then analyzed the interviews. Master’s students’ first-hand knowledge and perspectives contributed to a better understanding of what needs to be known in order to effectively treat binge eating disorder. The results consisted of the following themes: knowledge; basic knowledge of eating disorders, limited knowledge or awareness about binge eating disorder among adult females, no knowledge in regards to effective treatments for adult females with binge eating disorder, need for knowledge or awareness, perceptions; negative perceptions of binge eating disorder and treatments for adult females, experiences; personal and school experiences, and treatments; cognitive behavior therapy for treatment.

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