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Master of Social Work


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Janet Chang


An imbalance of the power differential between supervisee and field supervisor has led to a complex issue during field supervision such as an inability to initiate discussion of harm. The purpose of this study was to educate students on harm in field supervision, potential repercussions if harm is not discussed with their field supervisor, and steps that can be taken by MSW students to assess confidence to initiate discussion of harm with their field supervisors. It was hypothesized that MSW students receiving an educational training on harm in field supervision will have more confidence to initiate discussion of harm with their field supervisors. A quantitative one-group pretest-posttest study was designed for this research study. Also, pre-test and post-test surveys were distributed to participants, and an educational training powerpoint on the significance of harm during field supervision was implemented between the pre-test and post-test surveys. A paired differences t-test was used to assess for changes in MSW student confidence to initiate discussion of harm with field supervisors. The results of this study indicated that MSW students were not more likely to discuss harm with their field supervisor as a result of receiving an educational powerpoint on the importance of discussion, so this study failed to reject the null hypothesis. This study assisted with informing MSW students about the possible repercussions, and the importance of not informing their field supervisors that they were harmed. In addition, future MSW students would be informed about alternatives to discuss harm by their field supervisors if one does not feel safe to do so with their own field supervisors.