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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Armando Barragan


The purpose of this study was to examine the comorbidity of substance

use disorders and mental illness: Addressing access to dual diagnosis treatment centers and the correlation of perceived effectiveness. The research project was conducted in collaboration with California State University, San Bernardino, (CSUSB) and the Master in Social Work Program. The study used a survey designed with items that measured the participant’s perception of availability and effectiveness of dual diagnosis treatment centers. A quantitative study was conducted using a fixed choice response and data was analyzed on an interval measurement scale. Frequencies and cross tabulations were used to present participant’s answers. 86.7% of respondents perceived that they benefited from a dual diagnosis treatment center. All respondents perceived they were better equipped to manage their alcoholism after treatment, were better equipped to manage their mental illness after treatment, and better equipped to be a contributing member of society after treatment. The findings of this research may contribute to social work's knowledge of treating comorbidity by providing insight into the factors that contribute to individual's effectiveness in regards to post dual diagnosis treatment.