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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Julie Sophia Paegle


Machinist in the Snow is a narrative long poem, much like a novel in verse that deals with the loss of memory and environmental rebirth. In the book, the narrator exiles himself into a frozen nature and attempts to return the frozen wasteland into its former, flourishing environment. The poems take on the memoric form of memory in a wide range of poetic forms from the traditional sonnet, haiku, or villanelle, to a scattered projective verse. In the center of these poems is an attempt to mimic the mind in the way that it shifts, in its moments of clarity, and in its attempt to dissect and understand the surrounding realities. Through logic patterning, deep image, and introspection, these poems are meant to give insight into what it means to be human in the digital age and to highlight the dwindling connection to the pastoral that is so deeply rooted in American society.