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Master of Arts in Social Sciences


Social Sciences

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Jones, Tiffany F.


The Mental Health Memories project is an online archive created in order to display and preserve the personal histories of those with mental health experiences. The project aims to fill a void in available material culture related to the history of mental health and its preservation. Participants’ contributions include: oral histories, personal items, documents, and audio. Bringing together multimedia sources, the MHMemories website allows for the preservation of these items and stories through the digitization of contributions. This method allows for participants’ items to stay in their possession while also becoming part of the archive. In order to recruit participants, the Mental Health Memories project teamed up with the Psychiatric Stories Archive, based at California State University San Bernardino, and the San Bernardino County Behavioral Health Clubhouse. Three collection days facilitated the gathering of materials. The final product is the website which showcases the contributions of participants. The Mental Health Memories project helps to illustrate the diversity of mental health experiences.