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Master of Social Work


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Shon, Herb


Latino children make up the largest ethnic group in the United States today. Latino children are also the ethnic group less likely to access and utilize mental health services. As a result, Latino children have higher rates of unmet mental health needs. There is limited research focusing on the mental health services needs of Latino children and lack of access and use of such services. This qualitative study explored barriers among Latino children in accessing and utilizing mental health services. This study conducted face-to-face and Skype interviews with eight mental health providers who work or have worked with Latino children with mental health needs. The eight interviews were transcribed and analyzed to identify common themes regarding barriers Latino children face in accessing and utilizing mental health services in participant responses. The major themes identified by this study included: cultural values, insurance, socioeconomic status, lack of bilingual providers, agency days and hours of operation, immigration status, and lack of awareness of mental health. Through identifying such barriers, this study may raise social worker awareness of barriers Latino children face and better equip social workers to plan and implement approaches to address identified barriers in efforts to increase Latino children’s access and use of mental health services to meet their mental health needs.

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