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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary


This exploratory research utilized a qualitative focus group of seven participants to see what insights older lesbian women provide toward impacting understanding of their perceived isolation, perceived invisibility, health needs and access to social services that are congruent with LGBTQ+ culture. The participants were recruited through snowball sampling. After the completion of the data collection, data were thematically analyzed and color coded. The significance of this study was to gain greater insight into the specific needs and areas of concerns of a vulnerable population. This greater insight may lead to social workers’ being able to provide better services for lesbian women. The major themes derived from the data were separated by access, homophobia, invisibility, social support, and health. Sub-themes included: quality of healthcare, support system, community involvement, political climate, coming out, need for LGBTQ+ specific services, discrimination (sexism/homophobia), finances, relationship status, health issues and social limitations, quality of life, planning, invisibility.

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