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Master of Social Work


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Chang Janet


This study investigated whether the presence of a supportive adult in the life of a youth transitioning out of foster care impacts the likelihood that the youth experiences homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drug or alcohol addiction, or incarceration in San Bernardino County. Understanding the impact of a supportive adult, or mentor, on youth transitioning from foster care to independence would allow the social workers to more strategically plan for a successful exit from state care. This study will use public data collected from the federally mandated survey for the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD). Data was analyzed to determine if a correlation exists between having a supportive adult and the four aforementioned negative outcomes. The results showed that the four negative consequences examined occurred less frequently with individuals who identified as having a supportive adult in their lives. However, the differences demonstrated by the data were not statistically significant. Further research needs to examine the effect of mentoring on youth transitioning out of foster care.