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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Julie Sophia Paegle / Juan Delgado


Cauldron Calling is a compilation of poems ranging in poetic forms from the sonnet to free verse to lyric prose that incorporates a number of processes including: hypnopompic texting, hypnagogic automatic writing, and direct observation. The purpose of this myriad of poetic forms is to peer through the psychic shells we create and examine the workings of the mind so as to give form to the nebulousness found within while most closely recreating physical experiences of pain. In the collection, domestic spaces, particularly kitchens, serve as filters and lenses through which to process anxiety and pain. Conversely, domestic spaces are viewed as areas of both liberation and confinement and the voices of the various speakers throughout the manuscript struggle with this duality/plurality and whether there is a choice to participate in the intergenerational recycling and handing down of these beliefs and behaviors or not. Through sound sense, enjambment, deep image, and the elevation of the mundane, these poems are meant to give insight into the feminine experience as it relates to ritualistic acts of release as opposed to product-driven enterprises for mass consumption.