Lisa Soriano

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Master of Social Work


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Laurie Smith


Domestic violence continues to destroy individuals and families, leaving generations to follow repeating the same patterns. There are several services offered to help aid in the healing and recovery process. This was a qualitative, explorative study which examined the reasons that male perpetrators commit domestic violence in heterosexual relationships. Additionally, this study evaluated the support services and coping mechanisms that the men found to be helpful and not so helpful. Five men participated in face-to-face interviews to share their personal experience with domestic violence. Most of the men believed that their domestic violence was linked to learned behavior they witnessed in their family of origin. All the men interviewed stated that most of their recovery came from their faith, and they added that counseling, praying, the support of other men, mentors, pastors, and encouragement received, all contributed to their healing. Implications for future social work research, practice, policy, and programming are discussed.

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