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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

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Stine, Deborah


The purpose of this study was to explore, study, outline and describe tutoring strategies applied by American Reads (AR) tutors and non-America Reads (nAR) tutors helping young tutees develop early literacy skills. There is limited research on the implementation of effective tutoring strategies during one-on-one tutoring with elementary school children in terms of early literacy development. Most of the literature is split between peer tutoring and program tutoring. This lack of research presents a particular challenge when it comes to identifying an effective tutor and effective tutoring methodologies. Using a qualitative approach, this study utilizes survey data, session recordings, and interviews to not only explore the process of tutoring, but also the strategies, learned or otherwise improvised, applied by volunteer and paid tutors. Based on the data and analysis, the researcher identified effective tutoring strategies of early literacy tutors and made suggestions for further research.