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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando


A study in a multiethnic, urban population found that being of Hispanic ethnicity more than doubled the odds of depression during pregnancy. Given that Latinas make up such a significant and sizable population, mental health professionals must work towards learning to serve them more appropriately and effectively. The following research is of significance to intervention and treatment of depressed Latina women. The study was conducted utilizing a qualitative phenomenology method. Five social workers with past or current experience in working with the topic population were recruited and in-depth interviews were audio-recorded. Information gathered was broken into major themes and subthemes to be later discussed. The main themes identified were: low literacy rates, female roles in Latino culture, additional barriers to consider, acceptance of mental health services and effectiveness of treatment. Research conducted has significance for social work practice in micro settings with treatment and intervention for pregnant depressed Latina women as well as policy-making procedures for macro social work.