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Master of Social Work


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Janet Chang, Ph.D., M.S.W.


The focus of this study was to better understand the state of homeless services in Western Riverside County’s unincorporated areas and cities. Though various services are available to the homeless in these areas, the distance between the appropriate services and some residential parts of the county can be vast. This study sought to obtain an understanding from the administrators of homeless services providers on the deficiencies in services across the county, striving to understand where and what type of increased services are needed.

This study used a qualitative research design. Data were collected from nine homeless service administrators from around Western Riverside County using face-to-face recorded interviews.

This study found that greater services to help those suffering from mental illness or those unable to afford housing were needed. This study also found that increased collaboration between agencies has been working to improve services. It is recommended that homeless agencies continue working together in collaboration to increase the effectiveness of services and to bring the needed funding which will sustain and increase the services required to end homelessness in Western Riverside County.

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