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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Gomez, Ernesto.


Young children often have a profound interest that if nurtured, would develop to great social cues and skills thereby improving their social aspects of life. Parents can conveniently benefit from a swift data sharing in the collaborative scrutiny of their kid's participation, in public activities facilitated through the internet digital technology. To facilitate the involvement of shared activities among children, an interactive website is essential. The aim of my project is to develop a website that is intended to be an interactive platform for a variety of events selection. Additionally, the website will aid parents in the creation, discovery and reach for organized local events that fit their kid's interests in description and age. A variety of events will be availed at the website for scrutiny in finding friends, sharing and learning new activities. Similarly, it will be used for fun engagement. The website is implemented by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional, C# programming language, and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 to handle the data.