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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Wu, zhengping


One of the major difficulties in web application design is the tediousness of constructing new web pages from scratch. For traditional web application projects, the web application designers usually design and implement web application projects step by step, in detail. My project is called “automatic generation of web applications and management system.” This web application generator can generate the generic and customized web applications based on software engineering theories. The flow driven methodology will be used to drive the project by Business Process Model Notation (BPMN). Modules of the project are: database, web server, HTML page, functionality, financial analysis model, customer, and BPMN. The BPMN is the most important section of this entire project, due to the BPMN flow engine that most of the work and data flow depends on the engine. There are two ways to deal with the project. One way is to go to the main page, then to choose one web app template, and click the generating button. The other way is for the customers to request special orders. The project then will give suitable software development methodologies to follow up. After a software development life cycle, customers will receive their required product.