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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Herbert Shon


The veteran population is under-served. Due to the current circumstances of increased deployment and the rate of returning soldiers from current wars (Iraq and Afghanistan); there is an increased demand for competent social workers to provide them with services. Furthermore, the Department of Veteran Affairs is the number one employer of social workers. Hence, measuring the knowledge of social work students is essential to explore their competence of working with the veteran population. The study presents an exploratory research method, using a quantitative approach. Further, students’ knowledge was measured in ten domains: Benefits and Services, Service Related Disabilities, PTSD/Trauma, Childcare, Homelessness/Housing, Military Sexual Trauma, Healthcare, Employment/Unemployment, Education, and General Knowledge. In addition, the sample was compromised of social work students throughout different Southern California Universities. An online survey was administered to participants through Qualtrics website; and statistical analysis conducted by using SPSS version 21. Findings suggest that MSW students have a higher level of knowledge than BASW students in most of the domains. In addition, older participants presented a greater amount of knowledge than younger participants. Due to the results of the study, future research should measure a larger amount of participants that are evenly distributed among all demographics. Further, the study should encompass all universities that offer social work programs.

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