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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



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Annie Buckley


I believe creativity can be a direct link to the soul, a space to have a conversation with the divine and I seek to explore this idea in my art. I also want to invite the observer to move through my work and explore the space contained within their own emotions and sensibilities, beyond boundaries, allowing the work to linger and sink in.

Translating these ideas into the form of my works, following my intuition intelligently, involves an intensive process of many layers of paint and textures combined with thread. My work involves the intersections of spirituality and art making through the experience of meditation.

Engaging in traditional painting methods with abstract formations and intertwining thread to symbolize body and mind. Exploring the invisible, which is something you cannot obtain like meditation and making it visible through human experience. Inspired by Maurice Merleau-Ponty theoretical thinking on placing consciousness as the source of knowledge.

Painting is my meditation, it is a tool to connect, dissolve, and release. Thread is the link to my ancestral consciousness and femininity. My work creates a wild boundless space, welcoming all emotions and thoughts to manifest into gestural and abstract landscapes. There is no right or wrong way to experience the work, what matters most is the totality of presence and observation of the spaces in-between.

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Fine Arts Commons