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McAllister, Carolyn


Incentive-based education has a clear purpose and vision for the populations served. It is important for these organizations to demonstrate that their impact is positive, and that resources from the community are utilized efficiently. The purpose of this study is to identify the impacts of incentive-based education on the understanding and preparedness of a mother’s prenatal and postpartum experiences. Baby Steps, a non-profit incentive-based education program, was used as the research site. Clients of Baby Steps who have been involved in the program since a time during their pregnancy and who have had their baby between 3-12 months ago participated in this study.

The mothers who participated in this survey reported needing financial, emotional, and/or educational support during and following their pregnancy. Survey participants’ ages ranged from 18 years to 34 years old, and came from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and countries of origin. The educational background of participants ranged from elementary school being the highest grade finished, to the completion a college degree. The findings of this study were able support the research hypothesis as these mothers were able to find at least some of the support they needed by participating in the Baby Steps program, thus yielding positive prenatal and postpartum outcomes.

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