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Master of Social Work


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Brown, Laurel


The research topic discussed will explore Independent Living Program (ILP) services within the parameters of the foster care system. The research conducted followed guidelines within the positivist paradigm along with quantitative data collecting to gather information regarding experiences of youth while in the program and independence after the program through the utilization of surveys from those who have emancipated from the foster care system. Participants were eighteen years or older. The study included 28 participants who ranged in age and gender. Surveys were collected and analyzed using Qualtrics and SPSS software. The data collected and analyzed in this research revealed that youth who participate in the ILP services provided by their county have a better success rate of achieving overall success in independence in housing, education, financial support, and emotional/social support. It appears that the participants living situation was stable with majority not living alone. This begs the question that they still depend on others for support with housing needs.