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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Carolyn McAllister


This study explores the impact Social media has on the postpartum depression experience. To date, no work has examined the association between social media and postpartum depression. This research is an exploration into the use and impact of social media on individuals with postpartum depression. One hundred and three participants provided information about their demographics, experience with depression, treatment options, use of social media and preferred method of support. This information was gathered and analyzed via a web-based survey instrument. Descriptive statistics was used to compare responses on the internet based questionnaire. The study findings show that Social Media has a positive impact on individual that experience postpartum depression. Most participants indicted that social media assisted in offering emotional, informational and appraisal support through social media. In addition, it appears that a majority of study participants had a positive experience with social media. The greatest use through social networking and social knowledge sites.

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