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Master of Social Work


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Janet Chang


The present study focused on the social workers perspectives regarding the integration of religion and spirituality in therapy. Understanding these components will expand the knowledge of social workers and it will enhance the therapeutic relationship among clients and clinicians. It also allows social workers to provide a comprehensive service to a multicultural and diverse population. In order to provide a holistic approach, social workers need to address the issues of clients through a biopsychosocial perspective that includes religion and spirituality. For the most part, religious and spiritual people use these components in their daily lives to cope with unanswerable questions of life. Then, social workers may utilize these concepts as coping mechanisms when treating clients.

Eight participants provided their professional experiences regarding the integration of religion and spirituality in therapy and its effectiveness. Participants for this study average 17.6 years of experience. Participants have extensive experience in providing individual counseling and group therapy. Participants are from various educational background, ethnicity, age and gender.

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