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Master of Science in Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education



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Leh, Amy


This project aimed at developing a training program for the California State University, San Bernardino Student Recreation and Fitness Center’s Outdoors Program. The design and development utilized the five-step ADDIE instructional design model along with concepts of experiential and outdoor education. After an analysis of the needs of the Outdoors Program at CSUSB, a thorough process of design, development, implementation, and analysis was used to provide an introductory training program for those interested in becoming outdoor leaders. With personal knowledge gained thorough a review of literature, combined with prior in-depth content knowledge, a training program was developed. Since different leadership needs exist within each outdoor education program, this project focused on the specific needs of CSUSB Outdoors. It is recommended that this outdoor leadership development program continue to be presented to more students, incorporating a self-assessment to gain a better understanding of the trainee’s growth through the program. It is also recommended that continuing education opportunities are developed and provided to the trainees as they become outdoor trip leaders and continue to develop their leadership skills. In conclusion, the training provided in this experiential educational program serves as a valuable training program for the needs of CSUSB Outdoors. This project outlines the design and development process used through the ADDIE model incorporating experiential and outdoor education knowledge gained in the literature review.