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Master of Social Work


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Erica Lizano Ph.D


This research project is intended to assist with the identification of relapse factors for alcoholics who have relapsed after their twelve‑step program. It is beneficial to understand relapse factors for alcoholics in order to provide effective treatment plans, services, and goals that will assist in attaining sobriety from alcohol. The research study used a qualitative approach; the data was collected through interviews from participants at the Cedar House agency in Bloomington, CA. The data was collected and then analyzed for possible themes of relapse factors. Themes that developed from interviews conducted with alcoholics that had relapsed after their twelve‑step programs were: commitment to therapy, unemployment, availability of healthy support, shame and guilt in seeking support, loneliness, and lack of support from family/peers and community.

There are limitations to this study which, include a small sample size and interviews were held at only one agency that incorporated the twelve‑step process. Future studies should be implemented to confirm the results of this study.

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