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Master of Social Work


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Lizano, Erica



The purpose of this research study on family stabilization is to identify whether this program is working while CalWORKs participants are achieving their educational goals. Family stabilization is a county program that assists those who need supportive services in domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness. The first phase was to assess the participant’s knowledge and understanding of the family stabilization program. The second phase involved a focus group, who could express their questions or concerns regarding the family stabilization program. The final stage was to review and interpret the information provided, in hopes to clarify the participants understanding of the family stabilization program is and the services that are available. Results of this study could not answer the proposed research question, Family Stabilization: Does it Work? There was a lack of significance regrading knowledge of the family stabilization program from the CalWORKs participants. This study does show that communication between the participants and the county offices needs improvement; especially on the availability of programs. The weakness pertained to the sample size and duration of the research project. I do find the research as creditable due to the personal interviews pertaining to their understanding of family stabilization. To completely understand how this research project was conducted and analyzed, readers need a fairly refined knowledge of social science research methods.