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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet



This study examined the effect of holistic practices on anxiety. The study used a pre-experimental design and measured any differences in outcomes in Generalized Anxiety Disorder clients as measured by General Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7) between the two following groups: 1) the experimental group who received holistic services in addition to traditional treatment such as psychotherapy and/or medication as compared to 2) the control group who received psychotherapy and/or medication alone. Pretest of GAD-7 at intake and post-tests at about 4 months into treatment were measured along with a holistic practice survey and analyzed post-hoc through SPSS data analysis. This study found that GAD-7 scores were improved, with majority of the participants involved in some sort of holistic supplemental practices. However there was no statistical correlation between the two phenomena in this small sample. More research is recommended with larger samples, as well as improved instrumentation that could vet out other possible effects on the GAD scores.