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Master of Social Work


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Morris, Teresa


Assembly Bill 12 was passed into law for the purpose of preparing foster youth for the transition into adulthood and provided extended support services and transitional support up to the age of 21. This qualitative study focuses on the experiences and outcome of foster youth who are participating in extended care services. Key findings were identified in the areas of education, social and emotional support, and living arrangements. These key findings provide the social workers with a better understanding of the difficulties associated with the complexity involving the transition to young adulthood. The implications of key findings have resulted in potential contributions to social work at the micro level. Suggestions include: Social worker’s increase their knowledge of the supportive resources that are appropriate for the young adult foster youth and to be well versed in the requirements of AB 12. It is further suggested, at the macro level, curriculums be developed that will connect the traditional role of social work to characteristics involving coaching and mentoring.

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