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Master of Social Work


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Herb Shon


The emphasis of this research was to evaluate the beliefs about respite among caregivers of the clients associated with Inland Caregiver Resource Center. The caregivers of the elderly and those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia, or suffer from traumatic brain injury that was organic in nature were the population of interest. These caregivers were unpaid persons who help to keep those with such conditions at home as long as possible. This study used an exploratory pilot survey instrument to assess the perception of benefit of respite used as seen from the view of the caregiver. The primary theory used to support this project was Abraham H. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Data analysis used standard statistical methodology. The benefit to the profession of social work was seen in the addition of knowledge to the fast growing field of organizational respite services. The results of the research indicated that when respite was seen as beneficial the caregiver was more able to complete activities while using respite, the caregiver believed the person or agency who cared for their loved one was professional and trusting, and the care receiver was treaded well and was more easier to care for after being cared for by another person or agency.

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